Blisters on my feet. Trying to outrun my shadow. Whispers from the deep. Trying to outrun my shadow...
— vess

Hailing from North Carolina, USA, VESS was born with magician-like eyebrows that doctors could not explain. Writing poetry put to music, he also wrestles with metaphysical wild boar. He is currently undefeated.

The great Carolinian poet Charlie Boone once said “Love is the magic that illuminates the human heart. So what could be a finer thing to write, sing, or shout about? It is love, and only love for me.”

Charlie was laid to rest atop Mount Harkensigh many decades ago, but his creed lives on in the kind of music that invigorates the human spirit. Songs of revelrous celebration. Songs of darkness. Songs of light. Songs of love. These are just the kinds of songs Vess has been writing his whole life.

With his latest creation, ‘Shadows’, Vess emerges from a dense fog of a fatally shallow culture to deliver a timely message: genuine love is worth fighting for; in fact, its worth more than all the gold and praises of men.

Free in its sonic effervescence and deeply captivating in its honesty, the album is heavy with the kind of musical depth that leaves the soul aching for more life and more light. It is happily free of the myopic superficiality and it is filled with hope, even in its darkest moments.

From the soaring ethereal lightness of “Scaring The Dark”, to the uplifting neo-gospel joy of “Warm Heart Thick Skin”, Vess pulls you out of the pabulum of the ordinary and invites you into a new world, a more hopeful world, where true love is real, and eternity is present.

-Bio by Prince Ramsey


What the critics are saying:

“Airy with hypnotic vocals and overall cinematic vibe. It only takes a few seconds to get hooked to his songs.”


“A versatile and talented artist, VESS brings to us invigorating and hope-filled songs”

- Wolfnasuit

“Mesmerizingly beautiful and well crafted songs put VESS in a league of his own.”


“Songs of great sincerity and palpable emotional depth. A refreshing piece of art that is as unabashedly authentic as it is spellbinding. ”


“Shadows” is the culmination of one man’s journey with love, self doubt, redemption and the divine. These are the themes that weigh heavy on the mind of a seasoned troubadour like Vess; a man who has spent his life honing his craft. With fresh confidence and rare songwriting prowess, Vess deftly weaves these timeless motifs into songs that burn with new passion, and feel both unique and nostalgic all at once.”

-Harry Barker