Never Leave You Alone (available May 11, 2018)

by Vess

“Never Leave You Alone”, the first single from Shadows, is a haunting melody that leaves you both comforted by a promise that "love will never leave you…” and yet stirs an uneasiness in our psyche as we wrestle with the concept of commitment from a love that will be constantly lurking even if we run away. 

Story behind Never Leave You Alone

When I sat down at a piano to write the song Never Leave You Alone, it was less of an attempt to write a song and more of an effort to alleviate some pain and stress.  A lot the songs from this album were like that, mini self-reflection sessions that came out as diary entries with confessions like “love, has never come easy. It’s always been a struggle for me...”

Some people I had really trusted treated me and my family very badly. It left me reeling and very disoriented like I had lost the way. 

I was trying to find the truth in my thoughts, sifting through anger and weighing what was right and what was wrong in my motives and feelings. That time in my life felt like a dark hallway I was stumbling down and I was just trying to feel my way around until I could see some light so I could get back to the life I loved. 

In the end the pain of my moment exposed the lack of love I had towards others that treated me wrong. It showed me my desire to please people would never be satisfied so I decided to starve that desire to please people and instead devote my attention to chasing this elusive greater love, a love that absorbs blows and retaliates with kindness. One that could receive harsh words and return with sincere affection and a desire for peace and reconciliation. It’s “a battle one can only progress on their knees.” 

Sometimes this love is elusive like seeing a specter in a dream or vision and other times this love is as tangible as electricity, you just have to find the source of its power. When I found that, the light came on again in my life.